Our Team

Ridge Turner:  Owner and Founder of Ojigwan Yachts


Growing up cruising from the Eastern US through the Caribbean to Venezuela and back aboard his family’s Ketch in the 1990s began what has become a hobby, passion and way of life.  Ridge has cruised, raced, and delivered everything from beach cats, and 100 year old historic wooden Chesapeake Bay log Canoes to high performance trimarans and one of the fastest mono hulls in the world, the 100 foot Carbon sled with a DSS Foil, CQS.  His passion has become multihulls having owned as his first boat a 1983 Hobie since he was 18.  He lived aboard, cruised and raced his 42′ French Cat for 7 years and learned much about what is crucial for a safe, fast, and comfortable catamaran.  He has a current USCG 100 Ton Masters Ocean commercial Captain’s license.  His background is in Aviation Program Management with over 14 years experience managing hardware and software upgrades to a fleet of Aircraft.  His role is ensuring each project meets cost, schedule and performance expectations.

Jason Panek, Director of Build Operations/Team Lead


Chris Whittington

Jessie Turner, Business Operations Manager


Jessie Turner was born and raised in Southern Maryland.  Although she grew up near the water, Jessie never actually stepped foot on a sailboat until she met Ridge in 2012. Jessie soon became a fan of the cruising lifestyle and everything that came with it.  Jessie began working as a legal assistant in 2009 and continued to work in the legal field until 2016 when she left her job at a local law firm to go cruising full time with Ridge.  Jessie’s background in the legal field, combined with her positive attitude, and organizational skills make her a great asset to Ojigwan Yachts.