Cheshire Cat

In June 2018 we took over construction on the E-glass Stiletto ‘Cheshire Cat’.  This is a 30′ high performance catamaran.  It was deigned and developed by Stiletto Manufacturing.  Our team is working with the owner to modify the boat and complete the build.  We have developed designed and fabricated all carbon appendages for the boat as well as working to modify the rig and sail plan.  We have partnered with Evolution Sails NZ for the sails and NZ Rigging for the mast modification.  With a 51′ carbon rotating rig, curved carbon daggerboards, carbon rudders and cassettes this will be one fast boat.


DSC_1048DSC_1055DSC_1139 (2)DSC_1215DSC_1309DSC_1152DSC_1032DSC_1256DSC_1331DSC_1124 (2)